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Akara (bean cakes), is well-loved Nigerian snack that’s served at family functions and other events. In fact, it’s safe to say that no event is complete without it. It’s made from a combination of ground beans, onions, chilli and deep...

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Creating a character from scratch is always a fraught process. Contrary to what people think, they don’t come fully formed in the writer’s imagination. The character and the writer have to spend time together, find out what makes the other...

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Gee, I don’t know. I was flossing my teeth when I saw a fly and suddenly thought to myself: wouldn’t it be great to write a story about a boy whose best friend is a fly? Just kidding. Looking for...

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Palemo, means ‘pack up and go’ in Yoruba. It is also a place where thieves roam with guns given to them by local politicians, to terrorise their local community into submission, as and when needed. It is a place where...

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